International Cooperative Project

GNAP-SA_Driekops Eiland(13-14 Sept)


                       Driekops Eiland - and ' the rain's magic power '                      
                       Driekops Eiland is a rock engraving site in the bed of the Riet River close the the town of Plooysburg, near Kimberley(Fock & Fock 1989; Morris 2002
                       Morris 2008; Morris & Beaumont 2004; Parkington et al.2008)
                    The engravings
                       The more than 3500 individual engravings at this site, Predominantly pecked geometric images, occur on glaciated basement rock exposed in the bed
                       of the river and are submerged when the river rises. Archaeologists and geomorphologists have estimated that the engravings may have been made in
                       two episodes - before about 2500 years ago ( in a part of the site where engraved animals occur along with geometrics) and after about 1000 years ago
                       (preponderantly non-representational or geometric engravings )  (Butzer etal. 1979).