Past Biennale

[2016] 양승호 (한국) - 자연과 인간 | Yang Seung-ho (Korea) - Nature and Humans


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자연과 인간

지수화풍(地水火風/Earth, water, fire, air)의 원리에 의해 생성된 땅에서 존재하는 바다, , 사람이야기 - 서해바다 갯벌이 만든 갯벌도예, 생존 경쟁 원리에 의해 생성, 성장, 소멸되는 식물들의 현상, 불덩이가 식어서 자연스럽게 형성된 돌과 부식된 돌가루가 모여져서 형성된 점토를 인공적으로 다시 구워 만든 도자기를 결합하여 하나가 됨.


Nature and Humans

It is stories of ocean, mountain, and humans which were created by the principle of earth, water, fire, air (地水火風), and exist on the earth – mud ceramics made of the Western Sea mud, features of plants which are born, grow, and disappear by the struggle for existing principles, and ceramics created by artificially baking mud which had been formed as naturally formed rock when the hot molten lava cooled down and corroded rock powder gather together are combined into one.