Past Biennale

[2016] 윤희수 (한국) - 모든 것을 기억하는 나무걸상 | Yoon Hee-su (Korea) - A wooden chair that…


08. 윤희수 - 모든 것을 기억하는 나무걸상_2.JPG

08. 윤희수 - 모든 것을 기억하는 나무걸상_1.JPG


모든 것을 기억하는 나무걸상

텍스트를 가진 걸상 108개를 야외에 설치한다.

텍스트는 하나의 씨앗이 나무로 자라서 나무걸상이 되고,

그 나무걸상은 30년 동안 학교에서 사용되다가 버려지는 내용이다.

걸상 위에 텍스트 내용은 다음과 같다:



A wooden chair that remembers everything

One hundred and eight chairs with texts are installed outdoors. The text describes how a seed grows into a tree, then is transformed into a wooden chair which is then used in a school for 30 years, and in the end it is thrown away.

The text written on the chair is as follows:

Things lost/Reborn/Simply abandoned/“Simple, modest at an affordable prices”/the top of the world /with the traces of usage/time and journey/connecting life and time/old modernity/the seed bursts out/nothing more could be wanted/wishing to fly/boring/walking along the sea/hide away/before it becomes uncomfortable/perennial /made of trees with falling leaves/The age of the Yongmunsa Ginko Tree is estimated to be between 1100 and 1500 years/non-existent/hanging in the dark forest/There are many chairs that are not preserved/intimacy/stem made of wood/consolation/There is almost nothing done while sitting on the chair/breathing/deep rest/so much time to kill/endless possibilities/unwinding from daily life/”Phew” /The river that reminds us of the early morning always flows/early death/surreality/hiding/bathed in light/in fact, with nothing in mind/the place where stars rise/”:eae it on the desk”/ quickly heading out/classmate’s chair/an old gum attached/a limping chair/burning inside/good job/trace/ear/memory/portrait/her name, Eui Ja Park/How many chairs are there on earth?/left behind/lifting and putting back on the grown/the silent noise/deep breath/intermediate break/modest/automatic memory device/ burning hot/nowhere near but nowhere far, either/talking in the sleep/asking towards the world/standing ovation/no movement/thumping heart/baton/absolute power/squeaking noise/clean-cut/ stop/blue flower/dying every time/barren/job loss/thinking in between/asking towards the world/one spring day/my name is/lost/shining the light/into the world/tag/far away the moment you come into contact/school/in between ‘no more’ and ‘yet’/the world’s belly button