2015 Global Nomadic Art Project – Korea Ⅱ Open Call


2015 Global Nomadic Art Project – Korea Open Call

○ Global Nomadic art project-Korea 2015 is planned to offer national/international artists an opportunity to explore Korea’s geography, environment, culture and history while travelling around the country, and to be directly inspired by their tour. It is a demonstration project for the 2015-2018 Global Nomadic Project*, which has been in development since 2011.

This project intends to investigate the Korean perspective on nature, its influence on Korean lifestyles, and ultimately the way human nature as part of nature has shaped human life. Participating artists will be given time to research the areas they are to visit and discuss them with one another. All the experience from traveling Korea will be uniquely interpreted and reshaped by the artists as art forms to be displayed in the exhibiting space.

Additionally, the project aims to lead artists to consider how to renew the peaceful relationship between nature and humanity, distancing themselves from the violent methodologies of developing nature, and instead experiencing the ways that our ancestors lived with nature, which is retained in traditional Korean lifestyles, houses and other facets of our cultural heritage.

This is a process-based art project that involves preliminary visits, investigations, and field work and record-keeping, which therefore does not only focus on results. Creative ideas and interpretations will be required throughout the project. The whole process will be documented in written texts and videos.


○ Project period: 2015. 8. 10 ~ 8. 31 * Refer to the attachment file

○ Recruitment period: 2015. 04. 10 ~ 5. 31(deadline)
Eligibility: Artists who work actively in their field with Nature

   ( Foreign artists who are living or staying in Korea )

○ Disciplines: Sculpture, Photography, Installation and Multimedia
○ A volume of recruitment : Plus or minus 5

■ Conditions
○ Support the studio
○ Support accommodation and transportation for traveling in Korea (8.10~31)

○ Support material for exhibition

○ Exhibition PR, banner, leaflet, Catalog


1. A complete application form at :

2. Portfolio with description of work

- Digital files should be JPEG and no more than 10 images

- Video files required for Multimedia applicant, Max. 5mins, 100M, with AVI format

3. A copy of Passport (Selected candidate)

■ Contact

○ E-mail:



Selected candidates will be notified via e-mail on June 3rd .

Project Host : Korean Nature Artists’ Association-YATOO

Planed :  YATOO International Project

            Commissioner / Ko, Seung-hyun

            Director / Jeon, Won-gil

             Manager / Lee, Jasmine

Support : Art Council Korea