Global Nomadic Art Project India 2015




“Nature Renaissance”

The artists will start from Ahmedabad and travel through various places in Saurashtra and Kutchh like nomads, who obtain everything they need from nature and leave no mark behind when they pass, the participating artists will explore the origins of geography, history and culture, and show their artistic imaginations for nature in the fields.

The artists will move to and fro out of genuine curiosity at the decided places. Their creations for this project will eventually return to nature, as nomads move without leaving a mark behind. No mark behind is meant to be an activity of sheer spirituality in which art originated, rather than an activity to produce artworks as objects for the marketplace. There will be interactions with the native’s and student’s at site of work and we will also invite the local artists, artisans, poets, writers, philosophers, folk singers and musicians to join in with the project, their works and presence will be equally documented and acknowledged in the exhibition and catalogue.