Residence Program

2012 야투자연미술레지던스_<자연이라는 타자>展 Ⅱ



The inspiring place of Yatoo Art House Residency brought me to a new series of photos, embroidered photos and a performance about life and death.

Order and Chaos

The photo is like a base, sometimes neutralized in color or having a distancing effect because of the special manner how in former times photos with people were taken. Mostly black and white and also in a quiet attitude – you have to wait for the making of the photos, it was not just a sequence of seconds like in our days. The thread is bringing colors and attracts attention to special forms, colors, places, rhythm, space and meaning, also in the photos about nature. Nature is order and chaos in a very high form. The potential form of very seed is highly structured, the existing form has to deal with environmental circumstances which deviates the original concept. So nature always creates and destroys her own plans. Some of the images are dealing with this enormous beauty in growing and decay.

Tenderness and Power

A series of spider web photos shows a weaving of tenderness and power, in structure and colors.

Human nature – “being” (Performance 20.10.2012)

We are sown, we grow, we flourish, get fruits, get old, vanish and die. I would like to remember that I am carrying nature all the time with me. The felt separation to nature is a delusion. We feel it because of our strong control and potential of destroying other nature. So I came to my performance. One of our main evolutionary steps was to dress ourselves. We are protected, differentiated to animals, look different and distinguish also in culture and rang. I would like to turn this and transfer it to some roots. They become other kind of beings. Our thinking and feeling simulates all of a sudden a being with feelings and objects of our projection. After one year, 20.of October 2013, a “grave” will be opened and documented what nature did: makes them vanish, makes them change? Like what we humans do on and in earth.